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Employment & Labor in Russia

Our services in the area of Employment and Labor Law in russia:


Legal assistance and advice on labor disputes for employers in Russia


  • due diligence of the employment paperwork;
  • drafting employment agreements and addenda thereto, as well as termination agreements;
  • developing and drafting different types of internal regulations (codes of conduct, policies, personal data protection, commercial secret, etc.);
  • adapting and tailoring the international personnel policies to be applied within the Russian legislative frameworks;
  • advising on all the issues related to top-managers employment;
  • advising on all the potential employer’s risks regarding the hiring process, employees relocation and firing;
  • developing individual incentive programs for top-management (bonus plans, options, “golden parachutes”, etc.);
  • legal consulting on confidential information protection matters;
  • consulting on all the tax aspects of the employment relationship;
  • advising on amending the essential terms of employment agreements;
  • developing the redundancy programs and downsizing procedures, as well as providing support in implementing thereof;
  • taking part in negotiations with employees on the matters of concluding, amending or terminating the employment agreements;
  • integrated legal support to employer with regard to different kinds of labor disputes, in-court and out-of-court settlement thereof, representing the employer’s interests in labor litigation;
  • legal consulting on personal data protection issues and drafting documents thereon (including third parties processing, global transfer of personal data, etc.);
  • advising on all matters that relate to material liability and damages compensation;
  • legal consulting on the outsourcing issues (ban on stuff leasing, outstaffing, etc.);
  • advising on all matters that relate to foreign citizens employment.


Legal advice on labor law for employees in Russia


  • legal consulting on the matters related to concluding and amending the employment agreements;
  • participation on employee’s behalf in negotiations on the matters of concluding, changing or terminating the employment agreements;
  • employee’s interests protection in the process of firing (redundancy, liquidation of the organization, etc.);
  • providing advice on the matters that relate to material liability and damages compensation;
  • representing the employee’s interests in labor litigation, as well as in out-of-court settlement procedures on the matters connected with labor disputes.