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Dispute Resolution

ATpLaw represents clients (both corporate and individual) at all stages of the dispute resolution process – pre-trial settlement, representation of interests in state courts (including the Russian Supreme Court and the Russian Constitutional Court) and in commercial arbitrations, as well as legal support with respect to enforcement of court awards. 


Our services in dispute resolution:

  • legal consultation on dispute resolution issues; 
  • pre-trial settlement and mediation – taking part in negotiations on dispute settlement, defining of legal position and estimating of perspectives, establishing a strategy for exiting a conflict; 
  • legal consultation on issues of conflict-of-laws, applicable law, arbitration clauses, and arbitration agreements; 
  • drafting of claim letters and answers thereto; 
  • complex support of debt collection;
  • representation of client’s interests in state arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction; 
  • representation of client’s interests in Russian commercial arbitration – ICAC (The International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Arbitration at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.;
  • representation of client’s interests in arbitration tribunals; 
  • support for enforcement of court awards;
  • recognition and enforcement of foreign court and arbitral awards in Russia;
  • support for litigation abroad. 

Our experience in dispute resolution:

  • disputes arising from non-performance of contractual obligations; 
  • disputes involving recovery of damages, loss of profits, unjust enrichment;
  • disputes connected with recovery of property from another person’s unlawful possession;
  • disputes connected with amending and termination of contracts, declaration that a transaction is invalid and application of the consequences of its invalidity;
  • corporate disputes; 
  • tax disputes; 
  • labor disputes; 
  • disputes connected with real estate and construction; 
  • financial disputes – with participation of banks and insurance companies, etc.; 
  • antimonopoly disputes;
  • challenging  actions and decisions of state authorities; 
  • challenging  decisions of bodies of a legal entity; 
  • disputes connected with distribution of information by mass media (retraction of information, protection of business reputation); 
  • consumer disputes connected with sale of goods and rendering of services (protection of the producer’s/seller’s interests as well as consumer’s interests);
  • family disputes – divorces, division of property, child custody, alimony obligations, consulting on marriage contracts, etc.; 
  • settlement of issues regarding distribution of inheritance.