We provide a full range of legal services for the support of commercial activities, including drafting and examination of contracts, consulting on current business issues, protecting the client’s interests through the duration of transactions, as well as representing the client in contractual disputes.

In our work, we proceed from the premise that the basis of any business is a system of well-structured contracts with counterparties. When preparing a contract that fully meets the client's needs for a particular transaction it is necessary to:

- understand the business model of the client, including its strengths and weaknesses from a legal point of view;

- scrutinize deeply the process the client’s interaction with its counterparty during the contract’s enforcement and foresee probable conflict situations that may arise between the parties;

- develop contractual provisions that will provide maximum protection of the client's interests in the event of a dispute;

- analyze the tax consequences of the contract carefully and determine possible ways of minimizing the tax risks and unjustified tax losses.

Obviously, there is no “standard” template of a contract which can provide for complete solution of abovementioned tasks, even if a preivous contract was used for any other similar transactions.

One shall also consider that, in Russia, Contract law is a constantly developing field of law due to the current major changes in civil legislation and new judicial practice.

We provide support to Russian and international projects with the following:

  • consulting on the implementation of commercial activities in Russia;
  • structuring of contractual relations and development of legal schemes for business management and financing (taking into account the requirements of currency regulation, evasion of tax risks, etc.);
  • development and comprehensive legal expertise of civil contracts;
  • legal audit of contracts;
  • assistance in negotiations when entering into, changing and terminating of contracts;
  • development and adaptation of internal regulations (policies) of the company in accordance with the Russian laws;
  • legal support for the supply of goods, international trade (export-import contracts), regional and international distribution, logistics (contracts of carriage, forwarding services), agency services, provision of services, etc.;
  • legal support of the localization of production;
  • protection of personal data and confidential information;
  • legal support of licensing of certain types of activities;
  • issues of currency regulation and currency control;
  • analysis of the tax consequences of transactions;
  • resolution of issues connected to consumer protection legislation;
  • legal regulation of e-commerce and other activities on the Internet.

Our advantages


20+ years of competence, hundreds of successfully implemented projects.


Many of our client relationships have been in place for years


Our project teams are always as small as possible and as large as necessary to complete the assignment quickly but thoroughly

One-stop service provider

As a full-service firm, we protect clients with the comprehensive spectrum of our services

Individual approach

Every client has a regular contact at the partner level

Focus on support of foreign clients

Our clients benefit from our international know-how

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