Formation and restructuring of business

  • advising on matters of corporate law and corporate governance;
  • drafting of corporate documentation - constituent documents and in-house documents;
  • drafting of contracts between business-partners (options, shareholder agreements, etc.);
  • legal consulting on matters of corporate restructuring;
  • developing and optimizing (including tax optimizing) holding structures/groups of companies;
  • structuring of direct foreign investments in Russia;
  • legal support of Russian clients’ investments abroad;
  • formation of joint ventures (Russian and foreign);
  • legal support of initial and secondary issues of shares;
  • legal support in the procedures of formation of representative offices/ branches of foreign companies in Russia.

Legal support of transactions

  • legal support of business sale and purchase agreements, merger and acquisition transactions;
  • due diligence of acquired assets;
  • legal consulting on issues arising during the course of transactions on the matters of antimonopoly, tax and labor law, etc.

Support of day-to-day business

  • providing for necessary amendments to corporate documents and registration of changes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities – changes of the company’s address, the company’s share capital, or the shareholder(s) of LLC, etc.;
  • providing functions of a “corporate secretary” - supporting the process of preparing and maintaining the necessary corporate procedures, monitoring of compliance with the corporate law requirements, and cooperation with shareholders;
  • drafting of in-house documents and regulations;
  • consulting on matters of the company’s relationship with top-managers, shareholders, etc.

Corporate disputes

  • protection of the client’s interests – representation of a client in negotiations and in arbitration courts in the course of corporate disputes;
  • resolving issues regarding minority shareholders;
  • consulting on resolving conflicts that arise in the course of taking a decision by the general shareholders meeting, board of directors, executive bodies.

Support of registration procedures with state authorities

  • registration of different types of legal entities – limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, etc.
  • formation of representative offices, branches and standalone subdivisions;
  • registration of non-profit organizations – funds, associations, etc.
  • reorganization and liquidation of legal entities;
  • obtaining licenses and permissions;
  • cooperation with regulative authorities – registration of securities issue, notification/obtaining approvals of antimonopoly agencies, etc.
  • support of the procedure of changing of the general director, etc.

Services for foreign companies

  • advising on the matter of choosing the best form of business presence in Russia (formation of a Russian subsidiary company, a representative office or a branch of a foreign company);
  • legal support of receipt of accreditation for representative offices and branches of foreign companies in Russia (including extension of accreditation);
  • closure and cancellation of the tax registrations of representative offices and branches of foreign companies.

Our advantages


20+ years of competence, hundreds of successfully implemented projects.


Many of our client relationships have been in place for years


Our project teams are always as small as possible and as large as necessary to complete the assignment quickly but thoroughly

One-stop service provider

As a full-service firm, we protect clients with the comprehensive spectrum of our services

Individual approach

Every client has a regular contact at the partner level

Focus on support of foreign clients

Our clients benefit from our international know-how

Key Contacts

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